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About Us

Our Purpose is to provide a quality childcare experience that helps your child develop physically, socially, and emotionally.

About Me
Hello. My name is Margaret Marotta.

Our Philosophy

Our program exists to serve all children and their individual needs.  We believe it is our responsibility to practice sound Early Childhood Techniques that are developmentally appropriate for every child.  We believe it is our focus to stay current in our practices and training in order to provide each child a positive first educational experience.  We believe that parents are the child’s first and primary source of education.  By working as a team, child, family and school, we can build a loving, trusting and secure relationship that will allow a child to grow and develop to their fullest potential.


Children learn better when they have developed a trusting relationship with their care-givers.  They must be allowed the time and support needed to develop at their own pace, as each child is unique.  The child is the center of the education at Children’s Summit Learning Center.  Children are always learning.  They gain knowledge from hands on experiences.  Children must be active participants in their world.  They are naturally motivated by their own desire to make sense of the world.  The best curriculum allows learning opportunities that are responsive to individual interests and choices made by children during spontaneous play in a stimulating environment planned by the care giver.  Adequate adult supervision is necessary to respond to children’s ideas and to guide children in the decision making process.


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